I also have the DF and man, never been more disappointed with the quality. Have you tried using the different color temperature settings in the monitor menu on the actual monitor itself? Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. SofaKing Ars Praefectus Registered: We did not, however, experience any problems running the monitor on the built-in VGA cable, as the resolutions that the monitor supports will likely not benefit from a higher quality cable. At higher resolutions than that, the monitor’s limited pixel frequency bandwidth means the maximum refresh rate falls, and in by it can only manage a rather flickery 68Hz – and will probably only be driven at 65Hz by most PCs.

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Cheaper monitors used to deny you even relatively basic geometry controls like trapezoid and rotation useful for compensating for nearby speaker magnetsbut that’s not the norm any more. It isn’t even the world’s best 17 inch monitor. Perfectly acceptably sharp, if you ask me.

You have to know samsunt real dot pitch, though, which is something that the four-colour glossies are unlikely to tell you. Some people get very hot and bothered about this sort of thing; I’m not sure why, personally.

Which includes the DF. Below is a summary of the DF’s specifications. I think the brightness needs to be lowered, but it xyncmaster go below 0.

Samsung 955DF 19″ Monitor

A “19 inch” screen will have about a square inch viewable area, while a “21 inch” will manage about square inches. Having electronics in a monitor that allow it to accept a by signal at Hz is all very well, but if the monitor doesn’t have a tube that can actually clearly display that resolution, then you might as well not bother.


To return the fairness, syncmaste SB and variants were out at the same time and cost the same amount as the DF. Jun 30, Posts: But the changes are not large enough to bother the majority of users, including me.

The DF has syncmawter acceptable refresh rate and resolution specs.

Samsung SyncMaster DF – CRT monitor – 19″ Overview – CNET

But indeed, nowadays you are probably better off getting a newer revision, such as anything here: Although the SyncMaster DF has a rather small foot print, it does not quite qualify as a short tube monitor. The DF’s screen is flat, perfectly flat, without any curves on the tube’s surface.

Some may find the x resolution too high for a 19″ monitor, as text and icons can be somewhat hard to see, but those with good eye sight will likely appreciate the increased desktop space afforded by running at x It’s entirely fair to say that at the time, you could get far better CRTs.

If you peering closely at your screen, noting the distances of each corner of the lit display from the plastic surround, there’ll probably be noticeable differences. I’ve tried using the Nvidia control panel to further lower my brightness through software obviously but it didn’t seem to help. There’s just more of it. So a “17 inch” screen has a 16 inch diagonal, and a roughly square inch viewable area. One of the problems might be that with my monitor contrast at and brightness at 0, the monitor is still too dark.

The coating proved to be very effective during use, as it significantly cut down on the amount of visible glare on the monitor’s surface. In other words, there’s one fifth of a millimetre, horizontally, between dots of the same colour in the three-colour gridwork that makes up the screen. For those willing to sacrifice a bit more desktop space, the monitor runs at x at 85Hz without a problem.


Start with setting the color temp to K if you have that option.

Construction – Samsung DF 19″ Monitor

The DF’s 47cm wide by 48cm high by 46cm deep The 19″ is too bright and I can’t get it anywhere near the black levels of the 17″. In reality, for the resolutions the DF is meant to handle, it doesn’t matter whether you use a pack-in video lead or a fancy after-market one, assuming you don’t need a long cable run. And don’t turn on the computer first and the monitor later or you got that ‘window screen’ look where it looks grayed out to the point you’re looking at the screen through your shirt.

But anything higher should look, well, not awfulbut not as clear as it might. Fitting the trend, our tests found that the SyncMaster DF produced very crisp pictures, likely a result of it’s tight 0.

Fri Nov 04, 7: Similarly, it’s likely that you won’t be able to perfectly dial in the DF’s geometry settings. Can there be a monitor setting I’m somehow missing?