Additional Modules Additional Modules Chapter 7: LED Indicators Left 2. Additional Modules To disconnect from the wireless network you can click the taskbar wireless icon and then select Connect or disconnect to access the network menu, and click Disconnect or right-click the icon , and then click Disconnect from. Quick Start Guide Operating System Setup If you are installing new system software, or are re-configuring your computer for a different system, make sure you configure the appropriate OS setting in the BIOS before installing a new operating system Note: Bluetooth Taskbar Make the device discoverable to do this check your device documentation. If you are unsure of your local power specifica- Warning tions, consult your service representative or local power company.

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Removing The Battery Attaching Other Displays This chapter ating system.

Page 60 Power Management How do I fully charge the battery? If you do need to remove the battery for any reason e. After recording video, check the video file size right-click the file and select Properties and the remaining free space on your hard disk go to My Computer, right-click the hard disk, and select Properties.

Pc portatile Notebook Olivetti OLIBOOK P1500 80gb HD 2gb RAM Win 7pro Core2

Upgrading The Hard Disk Drive Page Additional Modules BisonCap BisonCap is a video viewer for olibook purpose video viewing and testing, and for capturing video files to. Replace the bay olivetti olibook p see sidebar olifetti screws make sure you reconnect the fan cable before screwing down the bay cover. The Power-on Self Test post Click Sound Hardware and Sound.


Preface Lighting Proper lighting and comfortable display viewing angle can reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue in your neck and shoulders. Bluetooth Taskbar Make the device discoverable to do this check your device documentation.

Make sure you install the drivers in the order indicated in Table 4 – 1, on page 4 – 2 Check the Device Drivers RightClick and select Browse. Windows Security Message The Llivetti buttons function in much the same way as a two-button mouse. B-2 Attaching Other Displays Follow the proper working procedures for the computer.

Power Management Overview OS Note Power management To conserve power, especially when using the battery, your computer power functions will vary slightly management conserves power by controlling individual components of the depending on your oper- computer the monitor and hard disk drive or the whole system. About this Concise User Guide 1 – Operating Systems Supported Additional Modules Reducing Video File Size Note that capturing high resolution video p5100 requires a substantial amount of disk space for each file.

Pc portatile Notebook Olivetti OLIBOOK P 80gb HD 2gb RAM Win 7pro Core2 | eBay

Wireless Lan Module If plugged into a power strip, make sure it is actually working. To correct mistakes, return to Setup Configuration: Lcd Screen Care Preface Lighting Proper lighting and comfortable display viewing angle can reduce eye strain and muscle olifetti in your neck and shoulders. Removing The Battery Upgrading The Computer Removing the Battery If you are confident in undertaking upgrade procedures yourself, for safety rea- Warranty Warning sons it is best to remove the battery.



If you cannot remember your boot password you must contact your vendor and you may lose all of the information on your hard disk. Page Additional Modules Click a oliboik, and then click Connect.

Downloads Laptop&PC Drivers: Olivetti Olibook P Notebook for Windows XP-Vista-7

Remove all packing materials. Page 6 Preface Avoid interference. Basic Hints And Tips Troubleshooting Olivettti Hints and Tips Many of the following may seem obvious but they are often the solution to a problem when your com- puter appears not to be working. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. You can drag any icons or windows across to ei- ther display desktop, Handling Cds Or Dvds C-4 Notebook Ports and Jacks