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What was really suprising to me was that the compensation between the two different horns using the same drivers was really so very different!

It seems the lenses don’t “bend” the signal, they merely offset it up or down by the height of the lens hoorn is related to the wavelength. I purchased these for a custom system that I don’t have the time to finish due to other commitments. If you are not pleased for any reason, Please contact us using the Contact Seller jbbl on the auction page, and we’ll try and make it a Five Star Sale!

JBL 2420 Vintage Alnico 1″ High Frequency Compression Driver Vtg 16 Ohm HF Horn

They came from an estate including a large collection of very nice vintage music equipment. They have all the drivers of a – 16 ohm system with a – Hz crossover in L style cabinets. Hor you buy multiple items that close on the same day. The need for horn overlapping is minimized and lobing and comb filter effects are virtually eliminated.


Pair JBL Replacement Diaphragms OEM D16R Original Vintage Le85 Horn | eBay

With care, they still have some life left, but may need to be replaced if you ever horb to remove the end cap. Skip to main content. More refinements More refinements A close look at the details will make this obvious, look at the mold patterns. Custom Tax are the buyer’s responsibility. Including the gap under the diaphragm, and given a good bill of health.

A surcharge will be added for shipping and handling outside the continental U. How good is by today’s standards? Such as,all one jl drivers. I would like to use them with some old school horns, may be radials, to keep the “vintage” vibe. Ony one horn has the Jbl sticker.

I noticed from your pictures that on some occassions you had the diffraction lens pointing upwards and other times downwards. The pictures show the actual item offered. As a result of your suggestions I have ordered a pair of P Audio PH “butt cheek replica horns” and I am actively watching horm for some of the HF drivers, horns and lenses suggested by form members.


The shorter horns, as used in the Ls and other similar systems, don’t crossover as well below hz. hornn

Used jbl for Sale |

The one issue the driver has is the cap bolts, which have some stripping. And hence with their JBL horns bolted in place. By the way I was rescued from my own stupidity by blind luck on the PH horn. I will ship to lower USA.

USPS shipping is acceptable. Free shipping to lower 48 states. Thanks for the suggestions.

The crossover point is Hz and the system impedance is 16 ohms. Jbo photos shown are of actual item taken just before listing. Have wheels and handle for easy transport to the staging area. We WARMLY appreciate your positive feedback and our system will leave positive feedback for you after complete transaction.

They were always housed inside custom made cases. Your comments on the difference between the PH and the A have tweeked my curiosity.