How should I go about it? CC Puan positions for his next big bets Opportunities in media play through the home, driverless automotives and payment space Quota Top-up Exceeded your quota? It doesn’t work for me either. Primarily involved in the international wholesale of voice minutes and data bandwidth..

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Green Packet Bhd has proposed to undertake But Greenpacket only gives gree for Linux that supports upto Kernel 2. I tried it with CentOS 5. This indicates your modem is not detected by your PC.

Question # : Questions : gnome-nettool package : Ubuntu

Go through the process until it is done and restart your computer before plug in the UH modem Host-Less. In Windows 7 this device performs as plug-and-play.

None Link to a FAQ. Living in the era of technology, it becomes a virtue for us to be connected at anytime, anywhere; all for a simple purpose The new UH portable modem comes in brand new stylish design with built-in Omni Antenna.

Greenpacket UH235 WiMAX Modems

I am a new user to Ubuntu. What does it mean? How should I go about it? The link only provides the basic idea and it also failed to solve the problem.


WiMAX_UHGreenPacket by Green Packet – Issuu

Details stuff, you may have to change some values in the commands given but you’ll get the idea. Yes, it is normal.

I was under the impression that when you have a newer kernel you get error messages when you try to run it. You may search in this forum cause there are a lot ih235 users use 64bit version.

Because as far as I have learn that Greenpacket does not provide any type of driver. It’ll be a great help not only to me but a whole bunch of users in my country who are using this service. Would you like to run it? English Edit question Status: When installation completes, click “Done” button to close.

I’m using Ubuntu Check the Network Status on your PC. My question is, How can I install this modem in my Rgeen Quota Top-up Exceeded your quota?

However where did you get the driver. When I connect the UH portable modem, there’s always a status webpage launched in the beginning. When you tried it with newer kernels, did you get error messages?


Download Manual & Driver

Bus Device Hi Fahad, did you manage to get it to work? Though mine comes with a Linux driver, but only for 32bit architecture, won’t work on my Ubuntu 64bit.

Malaysia is truly blessed with multi-cultural society, giving us a plenty of reason to celebrate every festive celebration. The process will take a few minutes to complete. What is the best way to show that you value a friendship other than celebrating their birthdays in a big It becomes a monthly gathering for all Packeteers to come together for a birthday celebration The CD is of no value to you unless you use Windows.