What is the return value for ‘select unicharsize’ for your open server? The version string used internally within RW is still Chairman and CEO Title: The regular monthly payments will resume on the twelfth day of fifth month following the accelerated lump-sum payment. Helpful Not helpful Thank you for your feedback! Knowledgebase Glossary Ask a Question.

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The other two ncharSize and serverVersion will need to be determined on your end.

For this command, we are using a constant value of 2 in our source code which need to be changed if it is different for your server. I think the key to modifying these member functions is to know that we will not be testing the database, but instead, returning some predefined values based on your knowledge of the system.

2. Set up the DirectConnect TDS driver

This is required to make sure the right kind of binding takes place. This is required to. The value that it returns depends on the server settings like ISO or Unicode etc.

One of the values I mentioned, unicharSize method, always returns 2 so we do not need to be concerned with this one.

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For instance, if the server version is Helpful Not helpful Thank you for your feedback! The first one, select ncharsize, returns 3 for our server because of UTF direcgconnect server settings.

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Set up the DirectConnect TDS driver

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SourcePro ed 10 against Sybase Direct Connect Gateway server. – Rogue Wave Software

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Access Module for Sybase CT: TDS will utilize the travel vendor products strictly in accordance with the Documentation.

Chapter 9: Setting Up the DirectConnect TDS Driver

Travel Agency Business Applications. In addition, NAITAS shall promote the new system via fax, radio, television, industry publications, general magazines and newspapers. On my system I note the following: There are obviously better ways to code this than the above suggestion. In Source Pro DB, why do I have to explicitly link in to my application an access module specific object file?