Whatever your reason for renting a limo, make sure you read the fine print to avoid the embarrassment of double-tipping or not tipping at all. When, where and how to buy tickets? Ultimately, the cost of the limo will be based at least partially on the services provided. As with any type of service in which tipping is common, the tip you give should reflect the quality of the service. Yes, a limo driver is in the business of customer service. Limo companies generally strive to provide the best possible service and they need to know if one of the drivers is not living up to their standards. We havent booked with anyone yet but the prices I am getting

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Just Said Yes October Call us to reserve your car or limo: I would avoid calling to ask what the average tipping cost is because they will price you higher. Private Limousine ServiceLimousine Etiquette.

Limo driver Tip?

Although this is significant higher than minimum wage, limo drivers rely on tips custo,ary supplement their salary far above their set hourly rate. How much should you tip a taxi or limo driver? If the service is not extra special, that seems very generous to me.

Recent Drivers  HP H470WBT DRIVER

What are the most popular tours in Las Vegas? The guy mentioned that we tip him when we booked, but neither of us have any idea how much! With a view; 2. Before you reach for your wallet, do these two things: Anyway, I was wondering what others tip the driver.

Working successfully as a professional chauffeur requires patience, punctuality, and attention to detail. I like to tip based on service, I don’t think tips should automatically be a certain amount, you are supposed to earn them!

We pay attention to all feedback by monitoring how much tip you left and if you use our service again. It is probably safe to say that somewhere along the line if not on tpi regular basisyou will be using a limousine, sedan or executive car for business, pleasure or vacation. Most etiquette websites such as EmilyPost. Are you sure a tip isn’t included in that? And would you tip on fees?

Top 10 things to do and see Driver dropped us off lio different gates at the airport. With this in mind, when it comes to uniquely complex societal customs here in the U. The Venetian Las Vegas. We had a limo for the wedding party and a shuttle for the guests.

How Much Do You Tip a Limousine Driver?

He serves fr the Studio’s sports and recreation section expert. Ultimately, the tip is between you and the service provider. If you are unsure, call the company and ask what is “standard” and what is “average”.


I’m not trying to be snotty or cheap just thinking all this stuff is included and not really going above and beyond. People Usually Search Keywords: How much do you tip the limo driver. Ok kimi that makes sense, thanks very much. Downtown and Fremont Street- worth visiting?

When your driver pulls up to your final destination, opens your door and wishes you a pleasant evening, it’s time to show your appreciation for his attention with a tip of around 15 percent, or comparable to the amount you tip at a restaurant.

I’m sorry I just can not get that price thru my head.

How much do you tip the limo driver – Las Vegas Forum – TripAdvisor

But what does this mean for you? The person driving the car is only paid for the time you’re in the limo and not any time customay preparing the vehicle.

Going to a wedding?