Step 1 Select your Download language from the dropdown menu above to begin downloading the software to your computer. The Click-To-Link feature is activated or deactivated via the Cardo Personal Computer software application interface or directly from the G4 intercom itself, using the new Voice Configuration Menu option. Pairing is as easy as with any other headset, just hold the power button down until it starts blinking and then let your device detect it. Support from Cardo regarding this release has been outstanding. Please read the brief instructions on how to proceed to first use and close the window.

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This feature is assigned the same priority as the Intercom function, meaning they cannot bump each other. If you yell “Look out, there’s a cow in the road!

Cardo emphasizes that this latest software update for the G4 system is a major milestone — and it certainly is. I knew Cardo was hard at work testing their next software release and I also had some hunches about what it might contain, but even so, the long list of features in this version caused me to smile right off the bat.

But until the systems get used on the road it is hard to assess how totally effective this adjustability will be. USB and Power Distribution. Click-to-Link is a scalx and dynamic feature allowing Scala Rider G4 users to initiate or receive spontaneous random intercom connections from other G4 users who are within range, without the need to formally pair the respective devices.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 Powerset Bluetooth – 2 Riders

As each Click-To-Link session uses a temporary separately coded channel, carod does not change the existing Rider A and Rider B intercom pairings. The other problem is that many motorcyclists have come to expect that nobody else can hear them when riding, and so commutes are turned into spoken word recitations or, in our case, impromptu demonstrations of helmet-filling baritone prowess.


With a whole raft of new features — including some specifically targeted at Apple device users — along with improved user customization options and very timely bug fixes, there is likely to be something for everyone to smile about. Cons High costLack of easily accessible controlsCuts down on singing-time.

Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

Always check before purchasing. With the system on, pressing both Channel A and B buttons for three seconds initiates the menu and from here it is just a matter of scalaa the voice instructions, in the language of your choice. The following window will open. Typically, the first device needed to be paired again.

Pros Impressive call qualityPlenty of rangeEasy installation. In my case, that was the English Version 3.

G4 Software Upgrades – Cardo Systems

Bluetooth Intercom News and Reports. The G4 filters out all that and allows up to four people to easily chat at a distance of up to a mile — in theory.

The G4 actually comes in two pieces: Between this fix and the new ability to adjust VOX sensitivity, the issue is much less pronounced, although at times a word or syllable can still be lost. Also, make sure to configure carrdo browser to allow pop-up windows.

The settings are not well explained though and there are no examples in the updated manual, whereas the release notes provide one example. Automatic Radio Tuning is a One-Button-Push feature providing the ability to initiate automatic radio tuning to serve two purposes.

There are A and B buttons for changing intercom channels and you can press and hold them for things like setting an FM station or connecting to a headset.


As the tuner sweeps upwards through the band it stores the first six FM stations discovered into cwrdo memory, accessed by tapping the Channel B button per normal radio usage. Click on through to read why, and for a demonstration of some supremely impressive noise cancellation.

The Automatic Gain Control or AGC feature allows users to now select one of the three sensitivity levels for optimal audio performance based on personal needs and riding conditions. Incoming random requests from other Click-To-Link G4 intercom units can be rejected in the same manner as incoming mobile phone calls, by remaining silent for ten seconds or until the ring tone subsides.

This should minimize shortfalls experienced under earlier software versions. Out of the box For our testing, Scala provided a set of two G4 headsets; helpful because one of the primary advances here is boosted range for headset-to-headset communications. Read the Terms and Conditions!

Cardo Scala Rider G4 headset review: advanced noise cancellation for riders

No Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With that player paused, the music player on the zumo could be started — audio streaming would start almost instantly; unfortunately it was mono and no matter what combination or sequencing tried, it remained that way. The noise may be specific to my environment, but I have passed on this observation to Cardo engineers. It even has a 3.