The notebook is black, silver, and grey. Users will be able to wirelessly send and receive emails, surf the internet, download attachments and access corporate networks through a virtual private network. There are two different batteries included: Nevertheless this nearly makes a multimedia notebook out of the Asus U6S. These values are good , and make an intensive mobile use possible.

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We measured only 21 watts. Due to photographic variables and conditions, actual product appearance may differ from images shown on this site. Weighing in at 3.

Asus U6S laptop Bluetooth device drivers

The U6S was quiet as well. Due to being equipped with high performance hardware, the wattage of this subnotebooks is higher than of others. Some function keys like page up xsus down are right beside the enter key. The other hardware is powerful: The same is true for graphical applications with many toolboxes.

ASUS U6s Bluetooth Module Board W/cable E89382

The display surface is reflecting, so it’s not ideal outdoorsespecially in the sunshine. A smaller mAh and a bigger mAh Li-Ions battery. But this is not all. Asus chose a powerful hard disk too, i. The U6S has a sharp design. It is at the left side of the ashs, and difficult to use without fingernails.

Recent Drivers  SCX-5935FN DRIVER

The U6S has a softer appeal, even the screen colors seem softer. The leather of the palm rest areas is continued at the front edge and finally ends at the metal bottom shell. You can only hear a silent and convenient tapping.

Even a manual and a recovery- and driver DVD’s are provided. Arranged in a strict rectangular and without gaps between single keys, the keys are placed beside each other. This two-lined lithium ion battery achieves 4. You can feel it, you can smell it — genuine calf leather.

It is the top notebook of its category in this benchmark mainly due to benefiting from the Penryn CPU, but, also other components are important here. Speakers The Asus U6S is equipped with a single speaker at the front of the case.

Some surfaces are glossy, e. Asus included two different batteries. The temperature of the Asus U6S case is all right. When you turn it on it makes a loud annoying startup chime during boot-up.


The glossy brown lid has blue accent flakes in the paint, which we like to call “flavor crystals” that really catch the eye.

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Many won’t require such a surface and will wrongly call fetish. So, you should take care to use a separate cover during transportation in order to avoid damages by penetrating objects, even more, because the lid opens easily.

Review Asus U6S Subnotebook – Reviews

It comes standard with integrated Bluetooth u6x. However, the Asus U6S provides even more. So, it’s definitely good enough for silent background music. The touchpad works well, however, the touchpad buttons don’t.