Unofficially for Windows Surface RT 8. If you go into Device Manager, does it appear under network adapters there? If you have any other questions, please comment here or contact us at support plugable. At that point, for some reason, having the Wi-Fi for our network on allowed the adapter to auto-configure itself to connect to the same network. No external power supply is needed. Chromebook computers already have the necessary drivers install for all Plugable USB-Ethernet adapters and should work out of the box.

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Are you an IT reseller looking to expand your product portfolio? Which will work with your device? In case of problems with the installation, technical difficulties or incorrect function of the equipment, check first for the possible solution in the FAQ tab. The network connection can also be used in the Android system.

We now provide access to a multitude of drivers – easier than ever before. The troubleshooter tells me the adapter “Local Area Connection 2” “doesn’t have a valid IP configuration. Edited by npw, 10 May – Check if the latest drivers for the USB interface are installed in your computer. In case there are any problems with the installation, technical difficulties or incorrect function of the equipment, please check first for lsn possible solution in detailed manual or in the FAQ tab.


For a Cable Matters adapter, I had to get the drivers from here: ASIX Electronics is a leading fabless semiconductor supplier with a focus on networking, communication, and connectivity applications. Adapor may be prompted for your Administrator password. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low weight it is an ideal accessory when traveling. The laptop had the exact same problem, being unable to connect, until I turned the Wi-Fi on.

However, the support of this function must be included by the manufacturer directly in the particular Android device. How to install sound card drivers?

If I do so it still doesn’t work, and the troubleshooter cannot identify the problem. If it’s actually a Wi-Fi adapter, it doesn’t look like it in the network settings.

U3METALGLAN | i-tec USB Metal Gigabit Ethernet Adapter | i-tec

Just to comment that this worked for me with this adapter. From where do I get this. When plugging directly into a cable or DSL modem on a home adsptor, it may be necessary to disconnect power from the modem for 30 seconds, then plug it back in again to make it accept the new device.

ASIX Electronics provides innovative, and cost-effective products to the customers for emerging communication and networking applications.

There are a couple of 3rd party brands that positively will work but I wouldn’t trust just any off brand adapter and if its a PC manufacturer brand, then it definitely won’t have the internal circuitry that a Mac-compatible adapter will have so the answer, unfortunately is just From the first screen shot, it’s clear that the connector isn’t seeing your network, adapfor it’s defaulted to the APIPA address of The current offerings are as follows:. As soon as the screen goes black, hold down “Command” and “R” until you see a black screen with an Apple logo and a white progress bar.


i-tec USB 3.0 Metal HUB 3 Port + Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

These drivers must be up-to-date. This appears to be a known issue with Gigaware adapters. Can I get more detailed information about problems with the device? In addition, you will be able to share internet using the RD too.

If there are many computers connected to your network jsb if any connected computer has a virus or trojan, this will also degrade speed. Ethernet network connection can also be used in the Android system. This HUB is powered from the USB bus and it has a built-in overcurrent protection of your computer in case of short connection on the peripheries.

i-tec USB 3.0 Slim HUB 3 Port + Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Package contents i-tec USB 2. You’re right about the USB drive part. Sign up using Email and Password.

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